Manage PKI with CertHat

Enterprise edition of CertHat – Tools for Microsoft PKI can be licensed on per server basis.  That means that a valid license is required for each PKI server (AD CS service) that CertHat is connected to. Please note that CertHat connects only to issuing AD CS servers.
There is no limitation in number of users or number of digital certificates that you can manage with CertHat Enterprise.

Also, for large organizations (with more than 4 PKI servers) we recommend CertHat Ultimate edition that offers organization-wide licensing that covers unlimited number of PKI servers in one organization.

Licenses for CertHat can be obtained in 2 licensing models: perpetual or subscription licensing.

In Perpetual licensing model customer receives permanent usage rights for current version of CertHat software at the time of purchase.
For customers that would like to continuously receive next versions and updates for CertHat software we offer “Maintenance Option” that grants version upgrades rights for specific time period.
Please note that initially “Maintenance Option” can only be obtained at the same time as base license and that this option cannot be extended if expired.

In Subscription licensing model customer receives temporary usage rights for the duration of the subscription period. All version upgrades and updates are included in subscription license.

Licensing information for individual CertHat modules can be found on respective module web page.

For additional pricing and licensing information or in case you would like to buy CertHat please contact us directly.