Security Scanning Module

The module enables comprehensive, simple and efficient overview of security status for selected services relevant for the organization’s business. The “Security Scanning Module for CertHat” contains additional features that provide the user with insight into the level of security and associated risks for individual servers and endpoints in the IT environment. 

Users can adopt this module and functionality to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in their IT environment and examine related reports directly in the CertHat solution. The SSL / TLS server configuration is checked, and a security vulnerability assessment based on the OWASP database is provided as well. 

A FREE limited version of this module is offered (supports scanning of up to 5 hosts) for all CertHat customers.  

For scanning and monitoring of more than 5 hosts additional licenses are available (for up to 100 / 500 / 1000 hosts or Unlimited). Licensing for Security Scanning Module is available only as yearly subscription. 

For additional information or questions regarding pricing & licensing please contact us directly.