CertHat PKI alerting and notification

PKI Benefits & Risks

Today business relies on secure and reliable IT infrastructure to increase efficiency, productivity and grow profitability. Digital certificates and PKI infrastructure are the best and most commonly used method of ensuring security and reliability of electronic business processes.

Digital certificates need to be carefully managed and monitored since any problems or incidents in this area (i.e. compromised, invalid or expired certificates) can represent significant business risks. Such risks can lead to decreased or compromised security, reduced efficiency & productivity, business or service downtime, brand value damage, loss of credibility or even missed sales and loss of revenue.

Therefore ensuring efficient, reliable and effective PKI management and reducing digital certificates related risks became crucially important task for most modern businesses worldwide. This risk typically needs to be managed by CIOs, IT managers or dedicated digital certificate managers if such role within organization exists.


CertHat – tools for Microsoft PKI provides a comprehensive and easy to use tool for monitoring and managing digital certificates within your organization. Our solution enables organizations to save time and reduce complexity of managing digital certificates. It also dramatically reduces risk of business downtime or system outage due to certificate expiration or invalidity.

CertHat delivers visible time savings and reduces complexity for PKI managers that can do their job faster and be more effective.

CertHat, together with Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services, delivers excellent “value for money” and provides very powerful, reliable and affordable PKI solution with rich set of efficient, productive and easy to use monitoring & management features.