We have designed and developed CertHat for mid-sized and large organizations that use Microsoft based PKI environment to manage digital certificates. It is primary a horizontal solution and can be used in any industry. However, it can be especially interesting for companies or industries where security is a top priority or even might be regulated by legislation. Financial industry, public services sector or similar verticals are just of some verticals where tools for Microsoft PKI (AD CS) could provide high level of value & benefits.

CertHat is a relatively new product that was initially developed in 2017. However, it has already been deployed in production environment of several large and security aware organizations.

Our reference customers include some of the largest banks but also government organizations.

CertHat reference customers:

PBZ - CertHat Reference customer

Privredna Banka Zagreb – one of largest Croatian banks and member of one of the key EU banking group, Intesa Sanpaolo Group. Using CertHat in production since March 2017.

APIS-IT - CertHat Reference customer

APIS-IT – Croatian central Government Agency for IT, serving public sector organizations and citizens with IT services. Using the solution in production since June 2017.

Sberbank - CertHat Reference customer

Sberbank – local subsidiary of oldest and the largest Russian bank. Using our solution in production since June 2017.


If you would like to join these organizations and try-out CertHat please apply for CertHat Beta Program.


Other ProMDM references:

Hrvatske vode
Croatian Parliament