CertGen for POS

“CertHat CertGen for POS Add-In” is a software add-on for CertHat solution for automating the generation of PFX files for POS terminals. The plugin provides automatic certificate generation and approval, as well as the production of PFX files that contain a private key and certificateGeneration is performed based on a CSV file containing the serial numbers of the POS device. The serial number is included in the Subject Name of the certificate, under the CN attribute (e.g., serialnubmer.company.com). 

Certification and production of PFX files for the entire group of POS devices will take place after the authorized person approves this action for the entire group of devices. CertGen for POS is offered via Perpetual or Subscription licensing models. One license is required for up to 10.000 POS devices.  

For additional information or questions regarding pricing & licensing please contact us directly.