CertHat Essentials

For those that need a simple and easy-to-use digital certificate management solution for Microsoft PKI or those who just want to try out some basic key functions of CertHat we have released CertHat Essentials.

CertHat Essentials is an elemental version of CertHat Tools for Microsoft PKI. With this version, we want to give a free tool to PKI managers and others that can benefit from it, a tool that can assist them in their key tasks of monitoring and managing certificates.

With CertHat Essentials, you can use core CertHat functionalities such as:

· Alerting when certificates are about to expire.
· Full view of all of the organizations certificates with download and details options.
· Search and filter function for finding certificates (one by one or by designated group).
· Import of certificates
· Creating expiry e-mail notifications for groups of certificates.

Our main goal is to improve the usability and value that CertHat provides to its users and therefore we would like to collect as much feedback on it as possible. To achieve this, we urge potential users to try out our free CertHat Essentials version for unlimited period of time and get back to us with their evaluation and opinion on the software’s features.

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For more info about the product or for our help with the installation or any kind of technical issues, feel free to contact us via [email protected]!