Free Trial

During limited time period we are collecting applications for our initial Beta program for CertHat version 2.0.

In case you are interested in testing CertHat and installing it in your IT environment you can apply for Beta and you will be able to test and use CertHat for free.

CertHat 2.0. Beta is available only in 1-server Enterprise edition* that supports 1 Microsoft PKI server, unlimited number of digital certificates and unlimited number of users within one organization.

PLEASE NOTE: In case you are interested in buying or testing CertHat for multiple PKI servers please contact us directly.

All Beta participants will have an option to purchase and upgrade to RTM CertHat version once it becomes available. In case you are interested to participate in Beta program please fill in CertHat Beta program Participant Form.

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Once your request is processed you will be contacted by CertHat Team and informed if your application was accepted. In case your request is approved you will be provided with Trial software and installation instructions.

If you would like to learn more before applying for Trial we encourage you to Request a Demo.

CertHat is now also available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace!

In Azure Marketplace you can find, try, buy & deploy CertHat tools for Microsoft PKI. Click here to:

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